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Healthy relationships take time and effort to develop. Slyvia Roan, a licensed psychotherapist in the surrounding Los Angeles area, can help. 

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Family  Therapy

Are you happy as a family? Is there harmony and peace in your home? How is every one interacting with each other? Does your family live in a blaming and negative atmosphere? Do you wish you don’t need to be a referee for your children? Do you feel left out by your family? Are you losing control of your teenagers? Do you need to figure out how to balance work and home? Do you feel like you are trying hard alone and no one else seems to care? New Life Family Counseling offers you ways to improve your communication with your spouse, your children, and your significant others. New Life Family Counseling would like to help you develop a more positive atmosphere for your home.

All healthy relationships take time and effort to develop. Living together as a family is a major task that requires open and positive communication. Families vary in size, age composition, culture, structure, and leadership styles. In our modern society, there are more families with a single parent, or blended families with stepparents and stepchildren. Families of divorce or remarriage encounter many challenges in adjusting to their new lives together. Many children display behavioral issues because of difficulty in adjusting to parental fights (verbal or physical fights), parents’ divorce or remarriage. More than often, children of divorcing parents find themselves being put in the middle of the situation. We at the New Life Family Counseling are well equipped to assist you in better handling these challenges. New Life Family Counseling aims to assist you and your family in making a conscious decision with consistent effort to lead a happier and healthier family life.

Marriage and Couple Counseling:

Do you feel that your marriage or your intimate relationship is falling apart? Do you wish that your spouse would love you and respect you more? Marriage is the foundation for a family. How you feel about your spouse decides how you treat your spouse. How you express your frustration decides how your relationship for the day will be. Unresolved issues, such as in-law interference or your relationship with your ex-spouse are serious marital threats that require you to work it out as a couple. At New Life Family Counseling we help you to identify areas that need to be changed or improved, and we facilitate a much healthier relationship with a renewed commitment, reaching a set of shared values, and more open, honest and respectful communication with each other. New Life Family Counseling aims to help you appreciate each other more, and enjoy a marriage where love and respect for each other is the daily practice. Consequently, not only will your home be a better place to live, your children will be happier and have good role models to learn from for their future marriages.

Couples Therapy:

How are you doing with your fiancé or fiancée? Are you struggling with your relationship with each other? Do you feel that your partner values you and esteems you? Or are you battling with each other often? What is the pattern of your communication? Does your significant friend or fiancé struggle with making commitment? Do you feel that your role in your relationship needs to be adjusted so that you don’t need to be responsible for your partner? Have you struggled with not being able to sustain different relationships and seem to always end up with a broken relationship? Do you feel good about yourself? Has blaming each other taken the majority of your time together? Is it hard for you and your fiancée to converse about anything important? Are you dragging your feet with your partner? If your answer is “Yes” to most of these questions, we recommend that you call New Life Family Counseling to schedule an appointment and start working on assessing and improving your relationship. We aim to help you dealing with family changes and interpersonal dynamics to help better understand and strengthen the your relationship.



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