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Upcoming Parenting Workshops 

The workshop series aim to make the task of parenting easier for you through your commitment to learning the contents and skills.

Are you feeling discouraged or frustrated being a parent?

This workshop is designed for you to help you live a less stressful life as parents. There are ten 2 - hour-long sessions for a small group of four parents. You will learn evidence-based and well-researched fundamental principles and strategies for positive parenting. Developed by the University of Queensland, this curriculum has been scientifically tested to be effective across cultures and with children ages of 0-12.  Get the training to help you reduce parenting stress and enjoy being a parent more!

Raising Competent Teenagers

This 8-session group workshop is designed for Parents of Teens and Pre-teens. You will gain more confidence and competence by learning factors influencing teenagers' behavior, how to encourage appropriate behavior, how to deal with risky behavior, and step-by-step strategies to effectively parent your teens. Each session lasts two hours. With your commitment, your time, and your full participation, you will be rewarded with improved relationship with your teen, and consequently your family relationships will also be improved. This workshop material has been well-researched and is evidence -based; designed to be a skill-focused workshop.

Towards Successful Co-Parenting Group

This Co-Parenting Group is designed for families going through transitions of separation or divorce. The stress of parenting can get worse during this difficult transition time. Separated or Divorced Parents of the same child will be placed in a different group. Each group is limited to four parents. There are 10 training sessions for each group. You will learn about the key principles to promoting a positive outcome for your child following divorce. With newly gained tools you'll be able to evaluate what things you are doing well and set some goals for changes you desire to see.

Group Details

Issues: Behavioral Issues, Family Conflict, Parenting

Treatment Orientation: Strength Based

Age: Adults

Session Cost : $60 - $100

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