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At New Life Family Counseling, Mrs. Sylvia Roan works with parents and children of all ages to help with daily life situations. 

Parenting Training

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At New Life Family Counseling, Mrs. Sylvia Roan looks forward to working with parents to provide you with helpful parenting concepts and strategies according to your child’s developmental stages, ability, and your daily life situations. The University of Queensland in Australia has certified Mrs. Sylvia Roan to be a provider of the Triple P parenting programs for children of all age levels ( Ages 0-5, school age children and Teens) and children with special needs.  Mrs. Roan aims to equip parents with a tool box of practical parenting skills to deal with different challenging behavior. Sylvia Roan looks forward to sharing with you step-by-step, evidence-based and well-researched parenting strategies to help you to be more assertive and effective, so you can feel more confident, less-stressed in parenting your child.  In other words, we aim to make your parenting a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Consequently, your child will thrive in a much calmer, more nurturing family environment where s/he learns from great parental role models; grow into a successful, connected, independent, assertive, and well-balanced confident person ready to tackle challenges of life.  Divorce or separation usually adds more demands to the already challenging parenting responsibilities. There are special training materials for families going through divorce or separation.     

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Parenting for Age 0-12:  Special trainings are designed to meet the needs of parents of Infants and Toddlers, Preschool age children, Elementary School children, Middle and High School Children. You will learn and apply the five positive parenting principles, and strategies in your own daily life to encourage your child’s desirable behaviors, to prevent the undesirable behaviors from happening, and when it does happen, you know what to do to manage the behavior problem. My goal is to support you with practical and applicable strategies to raise healthy, well-adjusted children in a loving, predictable environment and to deal with the day-to-day parental challenges.

Positive parenting for Children with Special Needs: It is every parent’s desire to help their children to reach their potential, and for parents of children with special needs to help your child to reach his/her potential is paramount.  Children with a disability sometimes need a more structured approach. Skills need to be broken down into steps for the child to learn, and parents learn to give rewards at the best time and place, and to monitor the progress and revise the plan according to the progress of the child’s learning.

Positive Parenting for Parents with Teens:  Parenting Teenager is an entirely different ballgame from parenting the younger children. At this developmental stage, adolescents desire for more independence. They want to assert self and be valued by adults.  Many teenagers feel uncertain about their appearance. The biological change of their body, the complexity of the modern day teen culture dominated by the social media, and the smart phones, can add more stress to their already stressful school life. They long for acceptance by their peers over the parental approval.   Parents of teens may wake up and discover having a different child suddenly, and become anxious and stressed. The positive parenting training for you with Teenagers can be very helpful in giving you tools to know what to do to set your teenagers up for success. Step-by-Step strategies and role-plays will help you to feel more comfortable.  I would like meet with parents first and then with the teenager before I start the sessions with parents. Part of your parenting training will involve your teenager when it is conducive.  I have seen many families restore their family happiness with their teens.

Positive Parenting for Families of Transition:  Divorce and Separation can be seen as a Family Transition Time. This is the time that most divorced parents go through high conflict time. With unresolved conflicts, divorced parents can contribute to their children’s poor outcomes. It is important that the divorced parents learn to separate their own needs from those of their children, establish co-parenting arrangements, keep good parent-child relationships, and renegotiate with their ex - spouse when needs arise without going into litigation.  This training aims to equip divorced parents with positive parenting concepts and strategies to increase parents’ competence and confidence in raising their children; to reduce parents; use of coercive and punitive ways of discipline; to improve parents’ personal coping skills in managing the transition through separation or divorce; to reduce parents’ level of emotional distress; and to improve parents’ communication about co-parenting issues.

If you are interested in receiving parenting training with Mrs. Roan, please click where it is mostly appropriate for you and fill out the contact information for Mrs. Roan’s office to contact you. 



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