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Have You Grown Apart?

As a Psychotherapist and Counselor in Marriage and Couple Counseling, I have often heard, "We have grown apart?". Are you struggling with the same nagging feeling?


Following are the usual lamentations: "We have lived a separate life!", "We don't share anything in common.", "We are so entirely different, like East from the West!", "I deserve better!", "What is in the marriage for me?", "I don't feel any love for her/him!", "It is simply not an in-love feeling!", ETC.


If you are one of these people struggling in your marriage, do you know what to do? Listen, divorce is usually not the best option for you.


This is the time to take a good and honest look at your life. A healthy and fruitful life is about growth, meaning, and a higher purpose. I highly recommend that you seek professional counseling to help you face the marital challenge and find a way to pick up from where you lost it.


All marriages require deep commitment and hard work. Your marriage vow said it well.  A well- trained and competent professional marriage therapist and couple counseling specialist will help you with recommitment, effective communication and relationship building skills. Please feel free to call New Life Family Counseling  at (626) 353-8772 for an appointment. I look forward to working with you!

Sylvia Roan