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Counseling & Therapy for Children of Early Childhood (Age 0-5): New Life Family Counseling provides Behavior Therapy for Toddlers and preschool children.
Young children bring both laughter and tears to your marriage and family. There is nothing like holding a newborn in your arms, gazing upon your sleeping child, watching the new baby cooing and babbling, taking the first step, reaching out to you, saying the first word, calling mamma or dada, and many more wonders parents witness and experience as your young children grow. But then there are those challenging moments that come along with parenting. That is what makes parenting a young child a challenge. How do you get a strong-willed child to listen? How do you end the bedtime battle, the sibling rivalry, the non-compliance, and the biting, kicking and hitting of your young child? New Life Family Counseling provides training for parents and therapy for children of Early Childhood who display the following disruptive behaviors: tantrums, verbal or physical aggression, non-compliance, property destruction, hyperactivity, and self-injury.

Raising a child with behavioral problems is exhausting and often embarrassing for parents in public areas. New Life Family Counseling provides strategies for parents with challenging behaviors of young children and children with developmental delays. With comprehensive developmental assessment for children of early childhood, New Life Family Counseling provides you with knowledge of what age-appropriate behaviors are and what are not. Using play therapy, New Life Family Counseling helps the child express his or her fear or anxiety; help you to train the child with social skills. With a strength-based approach, Mrs. Roan works with you as parent to build upon the child’s strengths. Focusing on solutions and not on problems, New Life Family Counseling helps you to set parameters, to create and maintain a nurturing environment, to break away from a vicious cycle and to develop a more positive pattern for interaction.

Counseling & Therapy for School Age Children (Age 6- 12):
Knowing that parenting is one of the most challenging and demanding task jobs in the world, New Life Family Counseling is here to provide tools to you as parents to set your children up for success and to help overcome the following behavior challenges: tantrums, verbal or physical aggression, nightmares, anxiety, withdrawn, suicidal ideation, lying & stealing, non-compliance, defiance, sibling rivalry, property destruction, and self-injury. Mrs. Sylvia Roan  has helped many children turn their life around with increased self-esteem, social skills, and self-confidence. Through the services provided by the New Life Family Counseling many children have set their goals and are on their way to success at school and at play.

Behavioral problems of school-age children are indicators that your child is unhappy, and that something is not going right with your child or your child’s environment. Children of school age may struggle emotionally to such an extent that learning becomes an impossible task for them, and eventually may struggle with living from day-to-day. They may express suicidal ideation with difficulty at school or at home. These emotional struggles (PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Grief & Loss, or Adjustment Disorder) may result from traumatic experience in the early years, such as traumatic experiences from coping with his/her chronic illness or surgery, physical or sexual abuse, witnessing domestic violence, frequent parental fights, a family break-up, being involved in a car accident or seeing someone killed, or living in a disastrous environment. These children may have difficulty in facing daily challenges at school such as: fearing peer rejection, feeling embarrassed, being bullied, having no one to talk to, getting into trouble easily, or being afraid to ask for help. On the other hand, your child may be displaying behavior problems that worry you, such as defiance, anger, frequent conflicts with peers, not completing tasks, lying or stealing, cheating, and other disruptive behaviors. We will assess the behavior problems and systematically treat the behavior in the context of the child’s environment. The New Life Family Counseling will work with your child to set his individual goals and to move on to achieve their own goals. New Life Family Counseling will assist you as parents to learn how to better manage your child’s undesirable behavior, and encourage good behaviors, and you will learn more effective ways to work with school administrators and teachers to better help your child. Consequently, you will feel confident in setting your child up for success, and enjoy a less stressful life.


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