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New Life Family Counseling is dedicated to serving you and your family with a full range of counseling services and behavior therapy to promote a happier and more rewarding life. 




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New Life Family Counseling - A Licensed Professional Clinical Social Worker Corporation

New Life Family Counseling is dedicated to serving you and your family with a full range of counseling services and behavior therapy to promote a happier and more rewarding life. We have an excellent, dedicated, and highly-qualified professional mental health therapist, counselor and life coach on staff: Sylvia S. Roan, MSSA, LISW-CP, LCSW, BCBA.

Mrs. Roan is a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (LISW-CP, LCSW), a National Board Certified Behavior Analyst, qualified to conduct counseling and psychotherapy for children, individuals and families. Her approach is strength-based: positive and innovative; she focuses on solutions, not on mistakes. In her years of experience working with children and families, she has helped many children and teen clients to overcome their anger, fears, anxieties, trauma, grief and loss, depression, and other obstacles to happy life. Working with adults, she has successfully helped to restore marriages and relationships; to heal many kinds of hurts; and to find positive new ways of seeing situations and finding solutions.

Adjustment Problems: Facing life’s challenges whether it is a new addition of a baby, a family member, family move, fear of losing jobs, or stress from work pressure can cause severe anxiety , PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), panic attacks, social anxiety, insomnia, depression , or OCD.   Mrs. Roan at New Life Family Counseling is well-equipped to assist you to adjust to the challenging situation whether at home, at work or in the public.

Play Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Family System Therapy, Reality Therapy, Rapid Trauma Resolution, and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy are Mrs. Roan’s favored approaches, as well as Christian Counseling for those who identify with that path. Mrs. Roan also provides Counseling for Grief and Loss.

Parents and Children: Mrs. Roan’s substantial training and experience in behavior analysis have made her an effective result-oriented therapist. She has also received both Standard and Comprehensive training in Triple P Positive Parenting Training.  She has helped parents to gain insights into what in their child’s environment is maintaining the problem behavior, and then to learn effective strategies to decrease that problem behavior. She provides proven tools to lessen the stress caused by daily situations such as bed-time battles, sibling rivalries, lying, stealing, and temper tantrums. She has been successful in helping children of divorced parents not blame themselves for the divorce, and continue to strive for their own success in spite of being in a troubling situation. She has helped children who are bullied as well as those who are prone to bullying. She has worked with children to improve their self-esteem. And her background in the public school education system, home school education and college teaching uniquely qualifies her to deal with school-based issues.

Pre-school children: Mrs. Roan, at New Life Family Counseling works with pre-school children and their parents on replacing the following behavior problems into desirable Behaviors:

  • non-compliance
  • bedtime battle
  • temper tantrum
  • whining
  • fighting
  • separation anxiety
  • defiance
  • physical aggression
  • verbal aggression

Children and adolescents with special needs: Mrs. Roan works with behavior challenges related to the Autism Spectrum, Reactive Attachment Disorder, ADD or ADHD, OCD, ODD, and Post Trauma Stress Disorder. To serve children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Disabilities, New Life Family Counseling is dedicated to assist caregivers with tools that will make their life less stressful and more rewarding.  

Difficulties in Couple’s and Marital Relationship: Mrs. Roan has also helped couples and families to enhance and to restore their marital and family relationship by coaching them to avoid communication traps, to gain effective tools in doing better listening and speaking, to set common goals, and to learn new ways to enhance their relationship.

As the result of the change in each individual, their problems of having anxiety, anger outbursts, physical and verbal aggression have decreased greatly.



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Sylvia S. Roan




Case Western Reserve University
Master of Science & Social Administration

National Taiwan University
Bachelor of Science in Sociology




Meet Sylvia S. Roan

Mrs. Roan graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a Master of Science and Social Administration, and a specialization in working with children, adolescents and families as a therapist. She has had clinical experience in private practice, hospital settings, and in school settings as a clinical social worker licensed to conduct counseling and psychotherapy. Mrs. Roan is Bilingual in English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese.

Mrs. Roan was also a Florida state certified professional educator and administrator. As an administrator, she served as an assistant principal in the Orlando area public school system. As a teacher, she worked in both regular and exceptional student education. And as a district wide Family Specialist at the Orlando area public schools, she received referrals from principals and area superintendents to help individual students with challenging behavior concerns such as lack of learning motivation, non-compliance, disruptive behavior, aggression, skipping class, bullying, substance abuse, stealing, shop lifting, and defiance.

Mrs. Roan has recently relocated with her husband to the Los Angeles area. She has re-established her private practice at New Life Family Counseling to serve individuals, children, adolescents, young adults, adults, singles, couples and families.  Prior to coming to Los Angeles area, Mrs. Roan has served her clients under the Orlando Family Counseling, Inc., and Charlotte Family Counseling Center, LLC, both had great reputation of providing high-quality,and effective counseling and life coaching services for individuals, couples, and families.


License & Credentials

  • National Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2004
  • Active Florida State Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1998
  • Active South Carolina State Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2010
  •  Active North Carolina State Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2010
  • Active Certified Trainer and Provider by Triple P International and Triple P America
  • Independent Contractor with major EAP companies
  • A recognized Preferred Mental Health Provider by major commercial health care carriers for many years
  • Florida State Certified Professional Educator &Adminsitrator in Educational Leadership, School Social Worker, and Exceptional Student Education ( 2001-2006)
  •  District Wide Family Specialist, Orlando Public Schools
  •  Public School Resource Teacher
  • Supervisor for Clinical Social Worker interns and College BSW students
  • Lecturers in Two Private Universities
  • Seminar Speakers on topics on Balancing Work and Family, Marriage, Family Relationships,  and Parenting