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New Life Family Counseling offer psychotherapy services in the Los Angeles area, focusing on, teenage counseling, family counseling and more. 

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child therapy 

New Life Family Counseling will assist you as parents to learn how to better manage your child’s undesirable behavior, and encourage good behaviors, and you will learn more effective ways to work with school administrators and teachers to better help your child. Learn More >> 

Trauma & grief counseling

Mrs. Roan at New Life Family Counseling, has had many years of helping individuals, children, and families deal with trauma and stress. Learn More >>

therapy for Adolescents

Adolescence is an exciting stage for young people, and a challenging time for many parents. Many teens think they know everything, and they are ready to take the world. Gaining Peer approval can become more important to teens than parental approval. Learn More >>

christian counseling

At New Life Family Counseling, we would love to help you find God’s answers for you and your family,  to discover the key to preserving your Christian life by transforming your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Learn More >>

family & marriage counseling

New Life Family Counseling offers you ways to improve your communication with your spouse, your children, and your significant others. New Life Family Counseling would like to help you develop a more positive atmosphere for your home. Learn More >>

Life coaching

During Life Coaching process, Mrs. Roan’s clients have recognized their strengths, learned effective tools, determined priorities for life, set goals, made action plans and successfully implemented their plans. Learn More >>


About Sylvia S. Roan

New Life Family Counseling is dedicated to serving you and your family with a full range of counseling services and behavior therapy to promote a happier and more rewarding life. We have an excellent, dedicated, and highly qualified professional mental health therapist, counselor and life coach on staff: Sylvia S. Roan, MSSA, LISW-CP, LCSW, BCBA.

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I believe that each challenge in our life is an opportunity to grow and to learn more about ourselves and others. I feel honored to be the counselor and therapist for each of my clients. I pledge to continue my learning and to become even more effective in serving you and your family.
— Sylvia Roan


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